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Get ready for your new Kitchen


   Preparing for installation day


   Installation day is the most exciting of all because it’s when you’ll finally get a glimpse of what your countertops look like.
If you want it to go without a hitch, take the time to prepare your house   for the big day with these 5 steps:


   Make sure you or a representative is on-site on installation day to answer any questions the installation crew may have.


Ensure plumbing is disconnected

   You need a licensed plumber to disconnect the plumbing prior to the installation of the new countertop. If you don’t have a shut-off valve at the kitchen sink,
water needs to be shut off for the whole house. You need to make sure NO ONE will turn it on until the new sink is ready to be used.


Move all appliances out of the way

   You need to make sure your appliances are not in the way to allow installers to make necessary maneuvers.


  Empty all space

   For fragile and valuable items, store them in a safe place away from the kitchen area to avoid damage. Close doors of nearby rooms and hang cloths or tarps over them.
Everything will be much easier to clean up in the end.


Clear the easiest and most direct path from the entrance to the kitchen

   Besides removing furniture and fragile items, it’s also recommended to cover up the walls and floors of that path with cloths and tarps.


  Open kitchen windows for ventilation

   On the day of the installation, open kitchen windows will air out the inevitable fumes and dust from installation.